Wednesday, 1 August 2007

We've arrived!

A slightly overdue first post on the blog. Jim and I arrived in Canada two weeks ago, but are only just starting to get things in order!

It's been incredibly hot since we arrived, today is in fact the first day it's dipped beneath 30c (it's 29c!) but we are getting used to it after a very damp June in the UK and an even damper summer in the Falklands last year!

Our new home is a 5 bedroom town house in Medicine Hat, a half hour drive from the base. All the families at BATUS are either housed here or in Ralston, a small village on the base.

Although we're in the house we are still waiting for our boxes to arrive from Germany. We sent them 7 weeks ago and at the time were told that they should arrive in 6-8 weeks.

However, yesterday we discovered that due to a massive backlog at Southampton, we won't be seeing them till September! So until then we're living out of the contents of the same suitcases we've been living out of since June. I'm getting ever so slightly bored with my clothes, not to mention a little frustrated that it'll be another month till we see the bed we sent!

The photo today is the world's largest teppee! Apparently it was built for the winter olympics in Calgary and after the event, some enterprising local business man decided it was exactly what was needed in Medicine Hat! It's round the corner from us and I took this photo when we went on a bike ride past it the other weekend.

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