Monday, 4 August 2008

The UK and onwards...

Just in case you think I've slipped off the edge of the earth, a quick update from our three week long holiday. We have been in the UK since 24th July, visiting friends and family and for almost all of it we've been blessed with wonderful weather. (which has been a refreshing change from my last trip back in March!)

It has been so nice to come back and see all the greenery in the British countryside. Although we have our fair share of trees in the village, the prairie is yellow for most of the year and even at its best never compares to the lush carpet of grass that covers the UK. Be grateful for the rain in Europe, it has its purpose!

We've also been doing lots of shopping since we've been back, although you can buy clothes in our local town, Medicine Hat does not offer much in the way of fashion and the styles don't seem to change much from one year to the next!

However, one of our most interesting trips was to an RV centre. We popped in to buy some kit for our vehicle and whilst we were there had a nose at some of the RVs for sale on the forecourt - and what a surprise! They were much slimmer than the Canadian versions and consequently appeared taller too. Obviously they are designed for the smaller roads and parking spaces in Europe, but it was quite weird and we left feeling very glad we have opted to try RVing on the 'fatter' side of the Atlantic!

We have a few more days left in the UK and then we return to Canada on Wednesday. Our friends have been busy in our absence, arranging parties at our house (!) so it sounds as though we'll have a fair bit to report back on...

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  1. Surely it’s the excessive girth of the average North American arse rather than the narrowness of the average British lane which is the reason behind wider RVs in Canada!?