Sunday, 18 January 2009

Comedy comes to Ralston...

Another week has flown by and with it a bit of a treat on the entertainment front!

On Monday we had the slightly surreal experience of four top comedians taking time out from their nationwide Snowed In Comedy Tour, to come to Ralston Theatre for a performance.

The theatre is about 15o metres from our house and no more than 5 minutes walk from anywhere in the village. The last thing we saw there was a pretty amateur school production of the Little Prince, so you can only begin to imagine how bizarre it was to be back there to see Ed Byrne, Dan Quinn, Craig Campbell & Glenn Wool on stage!

The show was all thanks to some innovative thinking from a Corporal at the base who was looking for a way to entertain the junior soldiers who are visiting for the winter repair program. What begun as an ambitious idea for the mess, ended up entertaining nearly 300 people in the village. A great morale boost in the depths of winter!

That said, the weather has been a bit milder this week. It even got up to 5c on Tuesday and with the warmth of the sun, around the village you could hear a thaw slowly beginning. After the arctic weather we had recently, it's a sound which is music to most of our ears!

As with last year, we've been guilty of over-reacting to the relief of temperatures getting above freezing. This afternoon we decamped into the garden with our books and sat around our wood burner with garden chairs wedged firmly in a foot of snow! The relief of being able to go outside for some fresh air without arctic kit on sometimes gets the better of us!

I am relieved to see that temperatures are forecast to stay at about this level for the next fortnight at least and with the Canadian clocks going forward in only 7 weeks, I am daring to start thinking about spring, even though I know we may have a lot more winter weather ahead of us!

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  1. That is so funny with you outside in the cold, and yet that is currently your warm!!