Thursday, 26 February 2009


Not the best of photos today, as it was shot in the fading light at 6pm, but I had to share it with you!

We have had ridiculous quantities of snow this week and whilst I have been out on snowshoes, Jim's favoured mode of transport is Nordic skis. He came to meet me at BFBS this afternoon, complete with Macy in her skijoring harness.

I think we need to work on her technique (she meanders a little) and the deep powder wasn't ideal, but they both had a lot of fun!

It's the Wives Winter Exercise in the Rockies this weekend, the forecast is for +10c on Sunday! There should be lots to report back on when I return...


  1. Yayyyy!

    Once every month or so I click 'next blog', wondering what I may find! Generally this results in either some IT dudes highly technical in-house blog, or some girls adventures with her half dozen 'bff's' (best friends forever - ack!), both of which understandably don't appeal to me in the least.

    So this time I am happy! I think your little dog Macy looks like a right little ripper, pulling her master through the snow! What fun you must be having, considering the complete change from living in England, tossed in the wilds of Alberta! Actually right now I am a bit jealous, as our six year old son is learning to ski at Lake Louise near Banff with Grandma and Grandpa. Oh to be kidnapped in that fashion!

    take care, keep up the fun blogging!

  2. Okay...that looks pretty fun. If they could just find a way to make WARM snow, it would be perfect!

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