Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Pancake Day

While I was on the phone to my parents yesterday morning, they reminded me that it was pancake day this week and according to a report in the UK papers, the tradition is apparently in danger of dying out.

A quick survey of the village revealed the majority of people here weren't aware Shrove Tuesday was looming either, so for the sheer hell of it and with 24 hours notice, my colleague Annwen & I decided to stage an event for BFBS to reignite people's awareness.

We found ourselves a two ring camping stove and pre-prepared enough batter for 100 pancakes. Then this afternoon we decamped to the Winter Repair workshops where a huge team of men and women work 12 day shifts through the winter repairing BATUS's fleet of armoured vehicles.

At 3pm the whole workshop were stood down for a tea break and we served up a stream of pancakes with maple syrup or lemon and sugar to some very hungry grateful soldiers. We broadcast interviews live on BFBS Radio in Canada and on our new digital station in the UK. The Padre joined us too and turned out to be a dab hand at flipping! A really great afternoon and loads of fun!

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