Friday, 5 December 2008

-20c and feeling festive!

Lots of ups and downs with the weather this week. We started with +15c and I spent the day in the office in a t-shirt, then midweek it plummeted to -20c (-29c with the windchill!) and finally we ended the week at +5c.

Last weekend was the village Christmas fayre. Lots of stallholders, many of them military wives turned out to sell everything from door dogs to soup. There was also a charity Christmas tree auction with a wide selection of different themed trees.

I bid on three trees, losing out on the Canadian themed one which eventually went for $90, but I did win a kitchen themed tree decorated by the lady chefs.

It's adorned with miniature cheese graters, pots and pans and cookie cutters . I also won a steel tree which was made by one of the guys in the workshops. The kitchen tree is now in our studios at BFBS and the steel tree looks rather beautiful lit up in the garden!

Saturday evening was rounded off with a carol singing parade around the village, lead by a baby donkey (Aah!) I even managed to get some Christmas lights up on the house in time for the Ralston Festival of Lights!

However, Macy the dog is not quite so thrilled with all this festive spirit. Delving into the box of last years decorations I rediscovered a singing dog. You can see what she made of it in the video below!


  1. That reminded me of when I had a huge balloon in the shape of a Christmas tree and my dog went loopy. Your weather sounds very interesting.

  2. Your weather sounds a lot like ours. We had our village Christmas sale a couple of weeks ago and this evening we go to the village Christmas dinner that is put on every year.