Sunday, 7 December 2008

Here comes the snow

animated snowmanOut of nowhere this morning it begun to snow. At first it was just a light flurry, but as the day progressed it grew heavier and heavier and most surprising of all, it appeared to be the European kind! White stuff that can be moulded into snowballs and used to construct things!

Normally our snow is very dry and powdery, almost impossible to bind together, but today's dump, which is now several feet deep is exceptionally versatile! This wonderful snow lady was built by a couple of kids outside their house this afternoon.

Macy was thrilled by the arrival of winter and after a hearty Sunday roast at my friends MaryAnne & Ed's, we braved the blizzard and took both dogs for a walk across the prairie. I've included a short video of this, largely for Jim's entertainment, he can then see the freezing conditions he's missing out on!

Other than the snow, there's not a huge amount of news to report from the village, or from Jim in Kenya. He is entering his final fortnight in BATUK and after a month in the mess is keen to come home for Christmas and a bit of normality I think!

Meanwhile Christmas party season is in full swing for us. On Friday we have a mess function themed on a "Cowboy Christmas". So beef not turkey to eat and heaven knows what to wear! A party dress and cowboy boots perhaps?

After spending the holidays in the Rockies last year, this year we're staying in Ralston for Christmas and Jim has bravely agreed to host the Christmas Day radio show with me. It'll be an opportunity for him to answer back after a year of one way banter on the airwaves!

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  1. Clare. Thanks for making our departure from BATUS so special. We are going to appreciate your blog even more now that we are no longer in BATUS. I may even subscribe to the BFBS Canada Podcast! Keep up the good work.