Thursday, 12 March 2009

Back in Bosham

A different continent, a different week and a different owl! I spotted this baby one in the garden at home in West Sussex.

As you may have gathered, we've are in the UK this week, whilst Jim does a course in Dorset and I make some decisions about the work we need to do on the house we have just bought. It's an arrangement which by and large I think Jim is quite happy about, as it means he has opted out of the multiple Ikea trips!

It also sounds like we picked the right week to be out of Canada. Apparently it was -31c midweek, without the wind chill! Fortunately it's back up to +12c on Monday, more like the temperatures we have here at the moment.

More updates from the prairie when we are back in situ...


  1. Coo I am dead jealous of this lovely photo. Brilliant!

  2. Are you becoming a bit of a twitcher?