Monday, 24 December 2007

Happy Christmas...Eve

Quick update from us before the inevitable smug posting showing photos of us on the ski slopes on Christmas Day... We've finally been on the Banff Gondola, after being well and truly shown up by the Other BATUS Bloggers (aka the Tingeys) who have been in Canada less time than us and have a larger family and have now been on the gondola twice! We went up Sulphur Mountain on Sunday when it was bloomin' freezing and we could barely stand on the observation deck for long enough to take a photo! Jim says his North American experience is now complete after meeting a local at the top called 'Randy' !

We followed this up with a slightly confused Alpine/Rocky lunch of cheese fondue followed by Buffalo burger!

Today it was back to Sunshine Village for my first day of board school whilst Jim joined some Ralstonites on a week long ski course. It was a vast improvement on our last trip, not least of all because it was 20c warmer! Only -7c this time!

That's it from us today. We're having an early night so we can be up early to phone the UK on Christmas Day! Whatever you are up to tomorrow, have a great one!

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