Thursday, 6 December 2007

More snow

I thought I'd better pop in for a quick update before we head off to the Rockies for the weekend. Last Friday we hosted our first Murder Mystery party, a couple of people in the village have done them recently and raved about the results, so not needing much encouragement we decide to follow suit and bought the kit!

Ours was set in 1848 and our guests were great, turning up in some fantastic outfits and throwing themselves into character as soon as they arrived. We borrowed the mess silver and even had a "body" (actually just some cleverly placed Halloween accessories and some pillows!)

As everyone had said we would, we laughed all evening and only one person managed to guess the murderer, which was immaterial after a few drinks!

Jim and I put together our outfits with the help of a fantastic store in Medicine Hat called Value Village, which is a warehouse size charity shop, selling everything from furniture to jewellry. Worth pointing out though, that Jim's yellow cords did not come from Value Village! He bought them at a Ralph Lauren store in Holland!!

We have had snow on the ground for a week now and yesterday we had a fresh batch delivered. It deluged on the village and everywhere now looks like it is covered in a thick luxurious coating of white foam! The snow here is very different to Europe, very dry and powdery and we don't get any horrible slush at the side of the road. It's useless for making snow men because it refuses to stick together, but very beautiful!

After my mention of our rabbits in the last blog entry, I thought you'd like to see one, I took this photo this afternoon. It's amazing how close they let you get! Mind you he's probably decided we are rather benign since we started giving him rabbit food when it snowed! :-)

So that's it for this week, tomorrow we're driving up to Canmore to stay in the BATUS "condo" for the weekend.

I'll be having my first skiing lesson on Saturday (with high expectations from Jim!) and we're going to the Banff hot springs on Sunday which should be an amazing experience in the snow!

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