Thursday, 27 December 2007

A Canadian Christmas

So our first Canadian Christmas went very well. We spent the day at Sunshine Village skiing and snow boarding. Lots of the skiiers had swapped helmets for santa hats, but I thought that might be tempting fate on my third day on the slopes!

Although we were both booked for a full day of tuition, we left after lunch (pasta!) and came home to open presents and phone the UK. Then in the evening we had a fantastic Christmas buffet at the Raddison hotel in Canmore ($25 for 4 courses!)

We were back at Sunshine yesterday and I went down a black run which was covered in about 3 foot of powder! Great fun. Of course I wasn't able to stay upright for most of it, but at least it was a soft landing.

Today I'm having a day off and letting my aching body recover, but Jim has gone back for more! So I joined a couple of Ralston wives for a sleigh ride around Lake Louise. The last time we were in Lake Louise less than 3 months ago there was no snow, this time, the lake was completely frozen. There was an ice castle and a skating rink!

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