Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy new year!

Our last day in Canmore before we head back to Ralston first thing tomorrow. After a week of mainly overcast weather, we had a beautiful day on the slopes yesterday. Unfortunately I can't be quite as enthusiastic about my progress with snow boarding. Although I've mastered getting off the lift without crippling myself, I still spend most of my time falling over and getting cross.

The only advantge to spending so much time on my bottom is that I do get a chance to pause and take photos!

We spent New Year's Eve in Canmore at the annual Party On The Pond celebrations. The pond freezes of it's own accord, but they spend several days reinforcing it with more ice so that it can take the weight of population of the town! I managed to go native and put my skates on for a bit of the evening, but it wasn't quite the same as the well manicured surface of the Ralston arena and they came off pretty quickly!

There were two rounds of fireworks in two different parts of town, both of which we only made it to by the skin of our teeth and then we toasted the new year on the street with a half bottle of Freixenet shared between 4 people... we know how to live!

I'm back to work tomorrow, but Jim's going off on a boy's jolly to Fernie for yet more skiing on Thursday & Friday before he returns to work on Monday. Oh and of course, we take possession of the cat tomorrow evening!

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