Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Bloomin' heck it's cold!

It is still astonishingly cold here! Apparently if you have skin exposed for 5 minutes outside you will get frostbite, unsurprisingly the schools were closed again today and at this rate I don't think they'll be open tomorrow!

Despite the cold, The builders started work as promised on the basement, although even they admitted defeat when it came to replacing a window at -35c!

Jim's been dog sledding today as part of his course (photos to follow at the weekend) and incredibly they are still planning to camp out tomorrow... I can't think of anything worse, but I suppose they do it on polar expeditions!

I went to my first quilting class last night. As I'm sure I've mentioned before, they are nuts about crafts over here, so I'm going to start making a king size quilt, a project which I hope will keep me occupied for the 18 months we have left here. The idea is to have each square representing something different about Canada... nothing like an ambitious project to keep you busy in the long winter months! I'm rather fortunate to have met an enthusiastic and rather gifted quilter in Ralston, who I'm confident will keep me on track!

We're off to Fernie for the weekend again, so I expect that's where I'll blog from next...

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