Saturday, 26 January 2008


Despite temperatures getting up above freezing this weekend, there was still lots of snow on the ground for our snowshoe expedition in the Cypress Hills today. In fact as you'll see in the second photo on this post, the snow was several feet deep in some places...enough to bury a picnic table!

Four of us went in the end, Karen & Annwen (who you can see on the left) and BFBS boss Patrick. We didn't see any cougars or wolves, but we did see a couple of deer and we had a good giggle whilst trying to get to grips with our new footwear.

I'm reading a novel set during the winter in deepest New Hampshire at the moment, so it was quite evocative trudging through the woods in the proper kit.

As this was the free introductory course, we were only out for about an hour and were all left wanting to do more. The Cypress Hills park do run full day hikes with a lunch stop, so I'll have to try and coax Jim out on that. I must say though that the full day's hike costs about the same as a pair of snowshoes ($40) so we might just end up buying our own and going it alone.

By the way, on the subject of winter weather, the forecast is for +4c tomorrow (Sunday) and -30c by Tuesday! Jim's on an adventure training course all week (dogsledding, camping out overnight etc.) and we're having one of the windows replaced in the house midweek, so it sounds like it'll be a fun few days!

More photos of snowshoeing in the "Winter 07/08" album on the right.

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