Saturday, 19 January 2008


I've just finished a fantastic couple of days on the BATUS organised recski course at Hidden Valley which is just over an hour from the base. We had a great day to start the course on Wednesday, allbeit on manmade snow, which is a bit like falling on concrete!

Then I drove down on Thursday morning in a blizzard with the promise of a thick layer of fresh snow. It took 2 hours to get there because of accidents and snow covered signs and when I arrived I was met by a flood of people leaving the slopes! They'd lost the power and had to close, so I didn't even stop the car, just drove straight out and home. Three and a half hours on the road for nothing!

The weather and roads cleared on Friday and we had a really wonderful day on fresh powder with blue skies and sunshine. I thoroughly enjoyed my day of snow boarding and finally started to understand what it was all about!

Unfortunately a great day finished badly, whilst I was waiting at traffic lights in Medicine Hat, the car behind me skidded on ice and ploughed into our six month old Jeep.

So Friday afternoon was spent frigging around with the police, witness statements and paperwork. All conducted at the side of the road when it was -18c. The woman in the other car was finded for dangerous driving and her car was taken away on a pick up truck.

We'd been planning to head off for a skiing weekend in Fernie at 5pm, but were delayed leaving and ended up not reaching our B&B till nearly midnight. All enormously frustrating. as is the fact that whiplash has written off snowboarding for this weekend... just at a point when I was starting to really enjoy it. I'm going to skulk round the shops in Fernie being grumpy instead.

Some of you may recall that my 6 month old mini was reversed into in a car park in Germany. That insurance case has only just been resolved and now this! I'm wondering if there's something about me and new cars!

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