Thursday, 10 January 2008

More snow in the village this morning and some fresh coyote tracks too! Temperatures are back to a more seasonal -10c this week, although it's going to be warmer over the weekend again.

I started hockey training again last night and we've got a match (against the men!) tonight. I'm quite impressed that I've survived more than half of the season already, although I must admit, it is subject to constant review, especially when we have training sessions that end at 10:30pm!

To prove that I am a real glutton for punishment, I'm having some more snow boarding tuition next week. BATUS runs subsidised 'recski' courses at Hidden Valley near Medicine Hat and so I'm getting three days on the slopes for $50. I'm hoping I might get to grips with going down the slope backwards (apparently an essential part of snowboarding) away from the crowds in the Rockies.

Just in case you worry I'm having all the fun on my own. Jim's off on a week's adventure training soon, which apparently involves dog sledding. and a few other winter activities. Can't be bad!

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