Sunday, 13 January 2008


This Wednesday, we will be one quarter of the way through our stay in Canada. Incredibly we've been here for 6 months already, time is certainly flying!

I've got some more wildlife for you today in the blog. These are Pronghorn antelope, which are pretty plentiful on the prairie, although not as inclined as the deer to come right into the village.

Apparently they are found through most of the US and as far south as Mexico, but this part of Canada is the furthest north that you'll find them. (Sensible antelope!)

Still no coyote photo opportunities yet, although I am going snowshoeing in the Cypress Hills in a couple of weeks and you are supposed to see all sorts of wildlife doing that, so fingers crossed!

I came across a great statistic this week, I'll give you a tease and the answer will be in the next blog.... Nearly 90% of Canadians live with 200km of what?

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