Saturday, 12 January 2008

When parrots attack!

I had to share this photo with you! We've just come back from a trip to Medicine Hat where Jim spent the morning picking up waifs and strays! First of all I found him in the fresh produce section of the Canadian Superstore having an in depth conversation with a lady about herbs.

Then almost as soon as he'd finished he was pounced upon by a middle aged lady who obviously think he was some kind of culinary expert and wanted to ask him how to make Gucamole! We finally got the food shopping done and went to the pet store, where Jim was pounced upon by this parrot, who refused to get off his shoulder and launched a ferocious attack on me when I tried to assist.

The shop was quite busy and it took us a while to attract the attention of someone who could help, much to the entertainment of the other customers! I also didn't realise until we got home how similar Jim looks to the cartoon character on the wall behind him!

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