Saturday, 14 June 2008

25 million North Americans can't be wrong!

Yes, it's true, 25 million North Americans (and about 500,000 Canadians) own an RV and now despite concerns over rising fuel prices and the clock ticking on our Canadian tour, so do we! Meet our 22 foot Empress...

As you will see from the photo the weather has even perked up to welcome her to Ralston! Jim drove it up from Medicine Hat this morning after collecting it from the old couple who had owned her for the last 12 years.

Just to make the whole thing a bit more fun, buying a vehicle over here is unnecessarily complicated and the system is different in every province. In Alberta, you have to have official paperwork from the insurers, then you have to register the vehicle in person at an office that is only open weekdays and Saturday mornings.

When you register it you get an entirely new number plate and a little sticker to go on it to prove it is current. Because our surname begins with 'm' , all our vehicles registrations have to be renewed in February every year, regardless of when we bought them. So this morning was a little chaotic trying to get to the registration office before it closed with all the paperwork and our driving licenses... but we did achieve!

The Empress's first outing will be the weekend after next, when we are planning to head down to Elkwater, then the weekend after Jim will be taking her to Waterton for a week's adventure training.


  1. I am a reader of your blog, I am not sure if I have left a comment before, but I do enjoy reading it.
    Beautiful RV! I can't believe it's 12 years old, it looks brand new to me.
    My husband keeps trying to convince me that we need an RV.
    : )

  2. Hi, it always makes my day when I get a comment from a reader I didn't know about!

    Would you believe that the RV is not 12 years old, but 20! We're looking forward to taking it out in a couple of weeks.