Saturday, 7 June 2008

Rain, rain, go away!

We have had some truly miserable weather over the last fortnight and the last 48 hours has seen the worst of it, with almost continual rain or drizzle. Everything we have read in the local news tells us, quite apologetically, that the weather is most unusual for southern Alberta.

Anyway, what to do on a rainy Saturday in Canada? Why, go and wind up some of the local RV salesmen! On the left you'll see Jim with a brand new $180,000 Class A RV, the type they drive popstars round in - just ever so slightly out of our league! We were out looking for something to replace our second car, that we could sleep in to avoid getting mauled by a grizzly! Preferably something without draylon and built after the advent of personal computers! We think we might have found something, but we'll keep you posted...

The problem with our RV purchase, is that as soon as we've talked ourselves into it, we talk ourselves out of it! Will we get enough use out of it before next summer? (well we would have had a couple of months more use, if we'd bought it when we started having that debate!) Won't it cost a fortune to fill up? (yes, but it'll still be half the price of the UK!) etc. etc.

Anyway, RVs aside, we had a great night last night at a promises auction in the village. You know the kind of thing, where people pledge to drive people places, do their ironing etc. We had offered curry and a movie for two at our house. We were extremely pleased when it raised $140! In total the 39 pledges made an impressive $6,000 for Ssafa, a military families organisation. The BATUS commander bid $100 to co-present a show on BFBS with me, though he tells it he will be passing it on to one of his teenage sons!

Anyway, last thing for this post. My niece and nephew enjoyed our last video of Macy's training, so today I've got another clip of Macy with her best pal Sam, an Alsatian puppy. We regularly pop in on Sam's owners and vice versa so that the two pups can play together, it certainly helps them burn off some energy!


  1. Love the video!!

    From Sams family

  2. Buy the vehicle I tell you BUY IT!!!