Saturday, 31 May 2008

Mess seafood night

Last night was the annual mess seafood night. I mentioned in an earlier post that I was bravely trumpeting it as the "mess function of the year" and I can confirm, it lived up to every part of our expectations. It was truly astonishingly good!

The theme was pirates (hence Jim and I in fancy dress, left) and the mess had been decked out with some great props, including the facade we are standing in front of - the military don't like to do things by halves!

On the menu, a whole lobster to start, followed by a dazzling buffet of hot and cold seafood, meat, vegetables, salads, cheeses and an entire table just to display the breads that the chefs had prepared.

We were unfortunately on a table with a really good group of people, unfortunate because, I was so busy chatting I forgot to go back for seconds! However, I did make some room for pudding, profiteroles and strawberries with chocolate sauce.

We were also supplied with a special edition apron to protect our fancy dress gear, although as ours all came from the local charity shop, I should have perhaps saved the apron and just soiled my clothes!

I must thank our friends The Beamans who took the photos in this post. Mark is a great photographer, if you click on their name, it will take you to their blog and some great photos of local birds (the feathered kind!)

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  1. You had better put "Mark and Kirsty are great photographers" I can't take all of the credit.