Thursday, 29 May 2008

Summer departures

I write from glorious sunshine on the Alberta prairie... Summer is finally here to stay (I hope!) This week we've mostly been toasting departing friends as the big summer churn is beginning with a big chunk of BATUS families finishing their postings and moving on. This means we are about to become the most senior group here, the much revered 'second years'. This also means I absolutely cannot under any circumstances contemplate playing ice hockey again, as I remember second year players with some awe and fear!

It seems astonishing to think that this time last year our possessions were on the way here and I was doing my last fortnight at work in Germany. It has all gone so quickly!

Whilst doing the rounds of leaving drinks, it seems our cunning idea for an "alternative passage" home has also been latched on to, we hear reports that at least one family in the village are taking the MOD's flight money and using it to pay for a trip back on the Queen Mary II, something we have been plotting for summer 09, postings permitting!

Tomorrow we are going to what I will boldly describe as the mess function of the year! The annual seafood night. Apparently it's a chance to dine out on as much lobster and fish as you can manage all for a very reasonable fixed price and as if that isn't enough, for reasons that haven't been fully explained, we get a free apron too!

I dare say I'll report back on that over the weekend!

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