Thursday, 1 May 2008

Macy's home!

Following a return trip to Calgary, I can now report that one husband, one father-in-law and one dog are now happily installed in the house.

We collected our 11 week old puppy on the way back from the airport. During the rest of the journey, we were still trying to decide on a name for the pup, with Maple & Fernie still firm favourites. However whilst flicking through the stations on Sirius satellite radio, it became apparent the dog had definite preferences. The comedy channels made her quite fractious whilst much to our amusement, the jazz channel was a definite hit!

Inspired by her intellectual taste in music we decided to take inspiration from the next female artist to be announced on the jazz channel, which as it turned out, was a male jazz artist called Macy O'Parker, quick survey of the car passengers and all round approval was achieved, so Macy it is!

The introduction to the cat has gone very well, even if Blackie is getting a little tired of a curious wet nose being stuffed in her ear every couple of minutes.... but obviously not bothered enough to get up and move!

Four hours on and the cat is still wandering around the house as if she owns it, whilst Macy has passed out on her bed after completing several very over-excited laps of our expansive garden.

Day 1 a success so far... but watch this space!


  1. She is gorgeous!!!!!!

    I like the name too.

  2. Why doesn't the head and tail match the rest of the body?
    Looks like it was made out of spare bits!

  3. How many weeks is she? From my experience I reckon she's going to be a huge dog!

  4. I think Macy is a lovely name ;-)
    from you know who!!!!!