Monday, 26 May 2008

Grey skies and puppy training

We've had some very British spring weather here lately. Grey skies and showers, as a result my trip out to the wildlife preservation area on Friday was called off because the prairie is bogged down with mud, but we'll have another go at it in a few weeks when the prairie is back to its normal arid self!

Jim's been busy with the pets this weekend. Below you can see a video of Macy being clicker trained. It begins with me trying to distract her so Jim can test her on the double-click recall. As you can see she's pretty good at that at least!

Jim also spent all of Sunday putting a catflap in our outside door, so that Blackie has some freedom when we are away at weekends. It involved several hour-long round trips to Medicine Hat for tools and a lot of swearing and cursing, but by 6:30pm last night it was fixed and the cat obliged by hopping in and out of it several times. Even the dog had a go, but try as she might no combination of moves would allow her body to fit through the gap, quite amusing to watch though!

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