Sunday, 22 June 2008

The hazards of summer dog walking

We have discovered an unexpected perk to dog ownership. On Friday night whilst ambling round the village on our nightly dog walk, we passed our friends MaryAnne & Ed, we got talking and were invited in for a glass of Pimms, a quick drink turned into an hour and before we knew it we were late for a barbecue at a friend's house (see photos) but it was all rather enjoyable.

Then last night, we set out once again on our walk and this time barely half the way round, we were invited in for beer by some other friends, Jo & Danny, and as it happens one drink turned into an hour and by the time we were home it was dark, but once again all rather enjoyable.

Tonight, we set out again, determined to complete our lap of the village, but this time we were lured in by Jim's boss Simon & his wife Antje who offered us a glass of wine. We said we'd stay for one, but before we knew it, an hour had passed and we had to head home another dog walk incomplete! Oh well....

Aside from the dog related gate-crashing, this weekend we have mainly been sorting the RV out for its maiden voyage to Elkwater on Friday night.

We have cleaned it thoroughly, ripped up a swirly brown carpet and disposed of a fluffy blue loo seat cover! Amidst all the preparations, we've had our second round of visitors wanting to take a look and some remarking that we're going to start a trend in Ralston for RV ownership. In fact, this is not so far off, already a second one has appeared in the village and we are almost entirely to blame!

This second RV was one we had been considering, but had ruled out because it was 33 years old. Jim however recommended it to one of his soldiers, who was rather keen and called the lady who was advertising it. She said she was in Calgary, but that he was welcome to look round the outside of it as it was parked on her drive. The soldier then drove down to Medicine Hat, looked round the outside of the RV and before he left, thought he'd knock on the door just in case the owner was back from her trip.

The door was answered by a burly tattooed man who apparently didn't know anything about the RV being for sale. When the soldier explained he had a conversation with a woman and seen it advertised on the internet, the burly man became quite heated "That stupid b***h, it's a bloody divorce settlement anyway, I can't believe she's selling my sodding stuff"

The soldier looked round the RV, but it was a tip, full of beer cans and cigarette butts. So he made his excuses and left. He was quite irate when he saw Jim the next day, accusing him of setting him up. It was only when they started to compare the details of the RV, that it became apparent that the soldier had gone to the wrong address and viewed the wrong RV!

None the less, another soldier did make it to the right location and bought it on first viewing! So now there's another RV in Ralston... the first of many we think!


  1. I can't believe Macy looks half the size when she's wet!

    And would also like to compliment my brother's very summer-like flowery shirt. Not many could pull that look off Jim, you've managed it in style!

  2. another batus blogger24 June 2008 at 13:16

    Can we borrow your dog please?!!!