Friday, 28 March 2008

The transatlantic shopping comparison

As you may recall I decided to use this trip to the UK to do a shopping price comparison. I've suspected since we moved to Canada that we are paying a good deal more for food and household basics and now I have the results! Canadian prices are from Safeway, UK prices are from Waitrose.

2 x Bounty kitchen rolls - CA $8.80 (equivalent to £4.34) UK £1.41
Heinz ketchup 375ml - CA $3.13 (equivalent to £1.54) UK 62p
Red kidney beans 398ml - CA $1.35 (equivalent to 67p) UK 45p
Green Giant sweetcorn niblets - CA $1.26 (equivalent to 65p) UK 49p
Shreddies 620g CA/500g UK - CA $4.20 (equivalent to £2.07) UK £1.67
Corn Flakes 400g CA/500g UK - CA $3.77 (equivalent to £1.86) UK £1.69
Filippo Berio extra virgin olive oil 750ml $14.41 (equivalent to £7.10) UK 4.74
Nutella 400g - CA $5.65 (equivalent to £2.78) UK £1.59

So quite an eye opener! I'm heading back to Canada tomorrow and it looks like I should have filled my bags with Bounty kitchen roll!

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  1. Look on the bright side - you can use this as an excuse NEVER to eat Shreddies again! They are the work of the Devil!