Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Midweek update

With a week to go till I head back to the UK for what the North Americans call "Spring Break", it's great to see Ralston without snow on the ground once again. In fact it even rained last night! In sharp contrast to the British climate, this is such a remarkable occurrence here, that I can actually tell you the last time it happened - November 13th! Prior to that there were possibly two days where rain fell after we arrived in July.

You won't believe me when I say this, but remove yourself from the UK for long enough (and clearly longer in some cases than others) and you'll start to miss rain! There's nothing like a good downpour!

As March draws on, the hockey season is winding up here. I have now played my last game this season for the Ralston Devils and the men's teams play the finals of the Batus Hockey League next week.

For the fanatics, there's still a few weeks of the ski season left. The die hards will ski until the end of May, just to say they have, but most are now thinking about biking, camping and summer expeditions. Jim's keen to make another trip to Fernie to squeeze the last out of the winter sports season, so I may not be off the hook just yet!

Our most significant step towards summer happened last weekend, keen eyed blog readers may have spotted that the clock top right now shows us as being GMT -6. North America takes the plunge into summer time some 3 weeks earlier than Europe.

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