Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Mixed weather

Still a mixed bag of weather here in Canada. Generally we've been having a couple of days of temperatures above freezing during which the snow and ice gradually recede. Then a day where temperatures drop below freezing and we have a half hearted snow flurry, then back to above freezing and the new snow melts taking some of the old with it.

At the weekend I managed to find our long lost friend, the garden path, which was a bit like digging for treasure. During the 4 months it has been under ice and snow and I had completely forgotten we have a patio which extends off it - which sounds bizarre, but we only had 2 months use of it before it disappeared!

Elsewhere the gophers are out of hibernation on mass. You often hear their mating squeaks before you spot them. I also finally had a twilight sighting of one of Ralston's Great Horned Owls too. It flew down across the rooftops into our garden looking like a 747 coming into land. The cat, who is enjoying the warmer weather, was badgering to be let outside at the time - not a chance!

Jim's off on another adventure training course next week. This time advanced skiing in the Rockies. Presumably preparing him for an occasion when the UK goes to war with errr.... Norway?

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