Sunday, 16 March 2008

What a difference a week makes

Oh dear, no chance of a barbecue this weekend! We've woken up to snow flurries and grey skies this morning and the grass is covered once again!

Some good news though, we finally got the Patriot back from the body shop on Friday. It looks just like the car we had before the crash, but cleaner!

I'm flying back to the UK on Wednesday arriving at Gatwick at 5:45am on Thursday morning, which is 11:45pm on Wednesday night in Canada - I'm hoping a herbal "no jetlag" pill I've found will help me adjust to GMT!

Whilst I'm back I want to do some research about the cost of shopping. I'm really interested to find out exactly how much more expensive Canada is. I've noted the price of a few products that you can buy here and in the UK and I'll get the comparative price next week. While I was doing the list in Safeway yesterday one price that really horrified me was the cost of two Bounty kitchen rolls... $8!!

Anyway, this may well be my last update from this side of the Atlantic for a while, so hopefully
I will catch up with a few of you later this week and next!

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