Friday, 18 April 2008

14c and sun... now here comes the snow!

Another beautiful spring day today and the grass is also beginning to turn green at long last! We begun our watering regime earlier in the week and will now be watering non-stop through till then end of the summer.

This means when we're at home we have to go outside every hour or two to move the sprinkler round our rather substantial garden - all on a quest to maintain a perfect British lawn in the midst of the dry Albertan prairie!

On the plus side water isn't metred here and Canada has more water in its lakes than the 38 million population could ever drain dry.

So, the grass is green, the weather is warm. It's a home run to summer now? Not quite. A snow storm is heading our way bringing several inches of the white stuff and plummenting temperatures. The predicted high on Sunday of -7c will be 34 degrees colder than last Sunday!

At this stage we're not quite sure how this will impact on our plans to assist with branding at a farm tomorrow. We're waiting on a phone call at 8:30am tomorrow!

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