Saturday, 12 April 2008

That was it's summer!

After a brief return to order in the house, chaos descended on us once again on Friday when a team of workmen arrived to rip out our kitchen, which within 3 hours is exactly what they had done! Where once there was an oven, a sink, units and a lino floor, by lunchtime there was nothing!

Blackie was absolutely bewildered, like most cats she hates change, particularly because twice before, the moving of furniture in a house has preceded her being rehomed. After our return to normality last weekend I guess she was starting to relax, but when we reopened the kitchen door on Friday afternoon and her 'feeding room' had disappeared, she'd didn't look too impressed!

Still, Blackie had better get used to this crazy household. There's potentially another change on the horizon... the arrival of a puppy! We went to Brooks Animal Shelter today (about 40 minutes away) to view some Border Collie crosses. We have put in an adoption application and if we're approved (and it's a big IF, they are popular pups!) he or she will be ready to collect in 5 weeks time. The mother was a lovely calm, quiet dog, so we are hoping her offspring will be the same.

We also visited another litter of Karelian Bear Dog puppies (sound quite scary don't they!) all 7 of which were living with 3 cats, their mother and two Beagles in a house in town. We were besieged when we arrived as you can see in the photo right!

Anyway, you'll notice from my change of attire (no North Face jacket for once!) that Canada has made a sudden (but brief) leap into summer! We are forecast an astonishing 27c tomorrow, so barbecues all round! But before we get over excited, it's not yet time to pack away the winter clothing - there's talk of snow next weekend!

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