Monday, 7 April 2008

Getting the house in order...briefly

Just after Christmas builders begun work on some fairly basic changes to the basement of our house (photo left) although the work was simple it involved quite a big area and meant a load of our possessions that are normally stacked out of sight had to be temporarily stacked up around the area we sleep in.

Last Wednesday, nearly three months after they started, they finally finished! Work had ground to a halt for several weeks whilst the military wrestled with contractual difficulties. However, to give credit where it is due, we are very pleased with the results and now have a lovely new bedroom.

Like the owls, the squirrels, the rabbits and most of the human population in Ralston, we too have chosen to cope with the extremes of temperature here by sleeping below ground level. It's an idea that took a bit of adjusting to, but our basement is very different to any below ground accommodation you might have seen in Europe and our bedroom has two large windows at ground level (see right.)

So as you can imagine, we spent the bulk of this weekend reorganising our possessions, moving the Ikea bed (Jim's favourite job!) and tidying up the house. Nice to have everything back in order you'd assume? Well, not for long! Later this week our kitchen is being ripped out, a job which is scheduled to take 2 weeks.... we'll see!

We actually picked up the 'kitchen job' from another family in the village who were supposed to have it but kicked up a fuss about the building work. So, I guess you could say we are gluttons for punishment, but actually I am rather looking forward to it...

Away from our preoccupation with home renovations, spring has definitely arrived in Alberta, there's even buds on the trees, as you can see from the photo! Temperatures are a steady 14c all week, the ski kit has been packed away (something which I'm trying not to look too gleeful about!) and we have a couple of spring activities planned. Next weekend it's the Medicine Hat Spring Rodeo and the weekend after we are going to a local farm to help with branding the cattle... although, when I say 'help', I suspect Jim will be at the sharp end and I'll just be taking photos!

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