Sunday, 20 April 2008

Snowed in

As I type we are in the midst of the worst snowstorm we have seen since we arrived last July. It has been snowing continuously since Friday night, we now have about 2 feet of snow and are well and truly snowed in. This weather is, by all accounts, quite exceptional.

Unsurprisingly our trip to the farm to assist with branding was called off first thing on Saturday morning (when we only had a couple of inches of snow) and although we did manage to make it into town yesterday for some shopping, we have been unable to get out at all today.

We had been planning to view another litter of puppies in Strathmore near Calgary, but although Jim was able to dig the car out, when we got to the TransCan the first thing we saw was 3 cars stuck in a snowdrift on the eastbound carriageway, so we turned back and have had to settle for a rather frustrating afternoon reading books and watching films.

On the subject of the puppies, we did hear back from the rescue centre about the litter we saw in Brooks last week.

They called us on Wednesday to tell us we could have Anneka, the female pup. We were delighted and discussed collection dates, adoption fees etc. then just as I was about to get off the phone, the lady at the rescue centre told us they'd found out that the puppies father was no less than a St Bernard!

As you can imagine, this rather changed things and so although we haven't totally ruled Anneka out, we've been looking at a few other options. This latest litter we are hoping to see are Golden Retriever x Bernese Mountain Dog, otherwise known as a Golden Mountain Dog. Hopefully we'll make it up there later in the week, although the forecast does not look encouraging!

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